Mommy Roadblock Tips 

Some days you feel like you have hit a road block and can’t get anything done. You feel like your in an alternate universe ruled by crying and screaming toddlers and infants. You feel like instead of going forward you are going backwards.  The dishes are piled high, the floor is covered in food your infant throws off the high chair, and your laundry basket is overflowing with clothes. 

Today is one of those days. One kid is trying his best to eat crayons and chalk that are strewn about because he can now stand and grab everything your toddler loves. Meanwhile , your toddler  is yelling no that’s mine! As you are trying to reach your kids,  you trip over your dog that sheds far to much and causes your carpet to be forevermore covered in a layer of long golden white and black hair. 

Meanwhile, you have your toddler dance music on and you are trying to keep your cool, and keep your Children alive And happy. And then a toddler Dives onto your back and pokes your eye and laughs, “I poked your eye mommy!” 
So you put your infant in his walker and he climbs half way out out about to head dive onto the wood floor-i thought they were suppose to be stuck in there-what use is it now! 
As a mom (and dad) you know you have days like this, it’s not every day (thank goodness), but it’s more than you care for. Here are the things that seem to help me (a mom of 2 under 3) 

If available, 

1) find a babysitter for the evening so you can get out with other moms 

2) have your significant other watch the kids and get out and do something! 

3) if you feel like your losing it, put the little one in a playpen or crib to secure them (they can’t kill themselves in there, or can they?)

4) if you need to put the tv on for a half an hour, pbs preferred for us! I can’t tell you how many lessons and songs my toddler knows from Daniel and she can relate the events and the songs to situations which make it so much easier to teach lessons (I also have the songs in my head). 

5) take the kids out somewhere,  even if it is just a drive (once they are finally in their car seats secured you can breath). When my infant was a little baby and my toddler didn’t want to nap, I packed up he car and drove around while they fell asleep so I could have a breather. 

6) go for a walk with the kids (even though it takes longer to get gen ready and out). Use a stroller, wagon, whatever you have lol. 

7) if it’s nap time soon, get them going earlier 

8) call your family/friends/mom support group (or like me call or text your husband and ask when they will be home). 

9) take a deep breath and count to three (that one is for all you Daniel tiger fans) 

10) suck it up and say this too shall pass. 
I find that if I don’t get free time (besides cleaning the dishes, showering, doing the bills, laundry and everything else after the kids go to bed), I start to get closer and closer to that roadblock until one morning I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore and cherish the time I get to spend with my little ones, but if you are a parent or caregiver day in and out, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t worry, The next day you will wake up and be ready for a brand new day of fun and new surprises with your little ones! 

 It happens to all of us, and it too shall pass…

What tips and techniques do you use? 


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  1. Good tips! I like going for walks and calling my awesome sister. I also like to sing “I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas” it makes me laugh. Sorry, it’s probably stuck in your head now. Also I think of how lucky we are to be home with our kiddos. P.S. I love the picture.

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