Breast is best? 

I’m sure you’ve all seen, heard, and been drilled that breast is best. Breast is best. Breast is best. 
So what about moms who can’t or choose not to breastfeed? What type of message does this send?  

This letters for the new mom, the mom struggling to breastfeed, the mom who chooses not to, or is unable to breastfeed, and to the moms who are strictly breastfeeding. 
Dear Mom or mom to be, 

Congrats! You will soon or have a little cutie pie! You may have noticed the ads, commercials, and educational information that says breast is best and tells you how fabulous your baby will grow up to be if they are breastfed. Or maybe you heard you will lose weight and still have big boobs?  
Or maybe you have hit reality. To the mom struggling with breastfeeding, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel the intense pressure To breastfeed and are unable to produce enough milk damnit. stop looking at all the forums giving advice or the moms asking what to do with their abundant amount of breastmilk overflowing from the their faucets, it will only make you feel worse. 

Yes you can try supplements, you can pump before and after and all night and day and still not be able to make enough milk, but there’s no shame in giving formula, that’s what it’s made for, feeding a baby! Maybe you work and can’t pump, or have a sick baby, or whatever reason or not you are having difficulty, stop feeling like a failure.
I’ve been there, twice! Two preemies with poor underdeveloped latching skills in the nicu. Or maybe you were sick  or developed mastitis or one of the many fun side effects of breastfeeeding you weren’t told about. I’ve been there. 
Maybe it’s gotten to the point you’ve developed anxiety or depression and are no longer enjoying the precious moments with your beautiful baby. You just don’t understand why none of the supplements medications gallons of water pumping and all the other tricks aren’t working. They said it would be easy? All my friends are having no problems, why can’t I just do it? There must be something wrong with me.
Maybe you see all these photos of moms breastfeeding or posts about milk overproduction and you feel like strangling someone. I’ve been there. 
 Maybe you’re afraid of the looks you get in public feeding your baby a bottle. Maybe you change the topic when someone talks about feeding your baby. 
On the other hand, maybe breastfeeding came easy. Maybe you don’t understand why everyone complains about breastfeeding? Maybe you scoff at formula feeding moms and just don’t get it. Maybe you enjoy every moment of breastfeeding and having the freedom to whip them out wherever and whenever you want.  

To mom who feels like a breastfeeding failure and cry over not being able to feed your baby, YOU ARE FEEDING your baby. A happy mom makes  a happy baby. Whatever you feed your baby, breastmilk, formula or both, you should be proud. Proud you are a mom, proud you are doing your best, proud you are making the best choice for you and your baby, proud to be you!
When you look back at this short period in your life you want to be proud and happy, not miserable. Do what’s best for you there is no shame in any choice.
To the mom to be, don’t be afraid do your best with whatever choice you choose and if it doesn’t work there’s always help or another choice, don’t feel stuck in a corner. You’ll do great and be proud. 

To the happy breastfeeding moms, I hope this article helps you understand it’s not easy for everyone and be understanding.
Finally, to the struggling moms who feel like failures, you are amazing, stop killing your self and be happy. Looking back after my first I can’t believe I put myself in such a tail spin over breastfeeding, I wasted time worrying instead of enjoying. The public and healthcare puts far too much pressure on a new mom and sends the wrong message. Enjoy the free time your using for pumping googling and crying instead for snuggling with baby and reading books

You are an awesome! 

Mom no matter how you feed your baby, formula or breast, keep Up the good work and smile!  Your baby will grow up to be smart and happy because you are happy and you spend time with your little one.